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Cleaning Services

Van Man Hire have a team of cleaners on hand to make sure your property is left gleaming once you move out. This is very important if it is rented accommodation and the landlord requires a clean property before your bond is given back.

We can also clean your new home before you move in. This isn't always viable if you don't get the keys until your moving day but for some people who have the keys in advance of their moving day this would be the opportunity to have the house completely cleaned from top to bottom so it is sparkling ready for you to move in. That's one less worry off your mind considering your going to spend the next few days, weeks even months unpacking all your belongings and sorting things out.

We can clean your carpets, windows, cookers, fridges, showers, everything that you need cleaning we can do it!

Our cleaning fees are priced as follows:











per cleaner for half day


per hour 5th hour onwards


additional charge

*Additional to the above rates would be a fuel charge for work outside of Sheffield

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