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Domestic Removal Services

Van Man Hire specialise in the domestic removal sector. Our team of highly experienced, strong removal professionals have the skill and know-how to move all your belongings as safely and securely as possible.

We use extra-long wheel based Mercedes Sprinters for all removal work. They have carpets in the back to add that extra protection to your furniture along with the transit blankets they are secured with during transport. Our vans can fit a high capacity of items into their shells meaning we can take care of your house removal service in as little trips as possible.

We take care of all sorts of moving requirements, from part house to full house moves, flats, apartments, bungalows you name it. We even ferry students all around the country during term start and end times.

From time to time we are asked to pick up furniture that people have won on eBay and bring it back to their homes. This type of work has taken us far up North to places such as Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen in Scotland, right to the other end of the country in the South such as Devon, Cornwall and Brighton. It doesn't matter to us whether it's 5 miles or 500 miles. We'll drive and deliver where ever you need us to go.

If you're looking for a quality removal service at a price much cheaper than the big removal firms then look no further. Van Man Hire are the team to take you where you need to be!

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