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Flat Moves

When moving between flats and apartments, it can take quite some time. You have to negotiate corridors with endless fire doors that want to stay shut! Lifts where doors want to constantly close on you before you've even had chance to load 1 box! And that's if you're lucky enough to have a lift! Some flats, particularly maisonettes and 3 storey buildings only have stairs and then you've usually got quite a walk from the building itself up to where the van is parked so if you're on the top floor at the end of a long corridor then you are going to need strength and stamina to get your removal service completed. That's where Van Man Hire come in!

Our staff members are not only trained and experienced, we also contain bags of strength and endurance so even if your move takes 10 hours we will still be going right up to the very end until all your belongings have been moved and placed in their appropriate new places.

We highly recommend the use of a minimum of 3 removal staff for work of this kind due to the nature of the job.

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