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Office Relocation Services

Moving Office?

Then you've found the right people to help! Van Man Hire have been helping customers move their office premises since 2008.

We take care of any type of office move you have. Whethers it's moving an entire work force who are moving to larger premises, or the smaller office who are simply relocating to another part of the same building, we have the skill and know-how to ensure your move goes smoothly and error free, making sure your stress levels on the move day are kept to a minimum!

We are on hand to move all your desks, chairs, filing cabinets and so on and are happy to dismantle any desks and put them back up again in their new surroundings. We can even come in before the move day (or earlier on the same day) to pack away all computers, monitors, printers, keyboards and so on, label them accordingly and have them all set back up again ready for the next working day.

Time is an issue for us, can you help?

We understand the importance of running a business and thus moving premises can cause a severe amount of disruption to the daily flow of things. For this reason we are happy to provide our office removal services during unsociable hours and over weekends to ensure the disruption to your business is minimal.

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