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Van Man Hire are on hand to offer their customers a removals packing service to take away all the stress from what can appear to be a mountainous task! Sometimes our customers simply can't face all that packing alone and need a couple of extra pairs of hands to assist. Other times they would rather just put their feet up and let someone else take care of all the hassle! Occasionally we receive requests to pack items in a house that doesn't belong to the customer, for example, a relative is moving into a retirement home, a landlord needs a house cleared, there's many reasons. Whatever the situation, we are here to assist every step of the way.

Furniture protection is part of the service, ensuring all mattresses and sofas are properly covered to protect them from getting dirty and all items of furniture, made from glass, wood etc are protected using card and bubble wrap to avoid scuffs and blemishes.

An inventory is used to keep a log of everything that has been packed along with where it needs to go in your new home, and a photographic inventory is used on all furniture being protected so a before and after comparison can be used if there are any queries after the move. Any blemishes found on furniture beforehand is brought to the attention of the customer before the item is wrapped ready for transport.

You will need to have a selection of good quality removal boxes on hand (don't bother with ones thrown out by supermarkets, there's a reason their boxes have the walkers logo on, it's because they're designed to carry packets of crisps, not your heavy household items!). You need strong boxes that aren't going to fall apart as soon as one of the removal men pick them up. We can highly recommend a company called Tea Create Packaging for your discounted removal packs. Here you can order boxes, bubble wrap, tape, everything that you will need for your removal packing.

Packing is taken care of at least 1 day before the removal service. (Any necessities can be left and packed on the day as this doesn't take too long.) Everything is protected, packed, boxed and labelled so that it arrives in the correct room in your new place.

If you would like to help our team with the packing, or just do it yourself, please take a look at our blog pages where we have some helpful advice on how to pack boxes correctly and protect your furniture...

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