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Single Item Deliveries

Won something on eBay? Need it collecting?

No Problem! We're on hand to go to any part of the country, collect your item and deliver it to you safe and sound. This also works in the opposite way too, if there's something you've sold that you need shipping, just give us a call and we'll come and pick it up from you and deliver it accordingly.

Store Deliveries

We also take on store deliveries too. We've encountered many customers who've bought a settee from a large store only to be told they have to wait weeks, even months before their big wagons have enough drops ready to go out and deliver. This is where we come in, just give us a call and we'll go and collect your new piece of furniture and deliver it to your home or office straight away.

Can you take me something to the tip?

Oh no! You've got us! We love helping customers out and delivering a superb removal service but unfortunately the one thing we can't help out with is tip runs. Several years ago the council put a stop to large vans such as ours from using the domestic recycling centres. We can take your items to a commercial tip but they charge us £90 a ton (regardless of whether you have 1 item or a full van load) to use their services so once you've paid this, plus the payment for our services it gets very costly and not worth your while so unfortunately we can't help out in this department. We have in the past, however, sent out 2 men to help customers clear a house and load a skip so this is always an option to consider!

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